About Montana Made Trails

Darren Pfeifle got his start as a trail builder on a trail crew in Glacier National Park in 2001. Through mentor-ship over his next seven years clearing and building trails in Glacier, Darren learned the principles of wilderness trail building. Today, these learned principles deeply influence his trail design and building techniques.

In 2008 Darren branched out of the park to start Montana Made Trails so he could grow his family and showcase his wild trail-building skills outside the Glacier National Park boundary, bringing those principles to greater Montana.

“I like to build trails for everyone to use – multi-purpose trails made with natural materials that are part of the landscape are my specialty.” MMT does build all types of trails to suit his clients’ needs. Clear communication about the trail building vision and goals with property owners will cover route finding, trail durability and landscape suitability.

Family and community are big for Darren too. He has volunteered many hours to local non-profit groups to help promote and design trails for the community.  And, in their free time, his family rides the local trails that will inspire future generations of trail-workers. You can use a Montana Made Trail in inspiring places from Dillon to Polebridge.